How to measure marketing ROI

Finally turn marketing into a real investment. Stop discretionary budget cuts. Give a concrete answer to the question: "what is this going to bring to the business?" 

Enter the world of real marketing accountability.


What is in it for me?



Learn more about ROI measurement

Gain a new operational capability

Learning how to credibly measure marketing ROI will make you and your marketing more relevant to your organization.


Define the opportunity cost of your projects

By turning marketing projects into an investment you are building a strong argument against budget discretionary cuts and subjective evaluations.


Speak the language of business

Finally report in metrics that your CEO and CFO will pay attention to. Report and evaluate projects of different nature with the same comparable metric: ROI.



- Whats is marketing ROI vs. ROI Marketing

- Barriers to implement

- Assessment: how far is my organization from being able to measure marketing ROI?

- ROI Marketing functionalities

- Methodology step by step

- Setting proper objectives

- Plans needed to start an evaluation

- Data collection plan

- ROI Sensitivity Analysis

- Breakeven point and commercial viability

- Implementing an evaluation cycle and reporting ROI



Who should attend

“C” level executives, VPs, General Managers, and Directors that want to move their organizations  towards a more accountable marketing.

Professional marketers, agencies, and managers that want to incorporate Marketing ROI as a KPI for managing projects and campaigns as well as to their resumes.

Decision makers that have direct responsibilities on budgets and P&L such as controllers, purchasing department, etc.

Students and everybody that is interested in a better and more impactful marketing



During the workshop, attendees will learn the theory, not only from the academic point of view, but also based on a real case practice and analysis. Participant will also have face-to-face encounters with Pablo Turletti, and will acquire the knowledge needed to: 

- Start planning sales and marketing with the information General Managers and “C” level executives need.

- Predict whether a project or plan could be profitable for the business or not, prior to investing.

- Evaluate projects and campaigns performance in 6 different KPIs.

- Convert marketing from a cost to an investment.

- Define the opportunity costs of projects and campaigns.



- 3 Live sessions with instructor Pablo Turletti. Estimate 1 hr each

- 12 video lessons. Estimate 5:30 hours of work approximately

- 1 real case analysis

- Tool kit (templates, work sheet, links, readings, etc.)

- 1 Complimentary digital ROI handbook

- 1 Complimentary book "Marketing & Sales ROI. What is it good for?"

- ROI Marketing diploma 

- Access to Continuous Education material


Faculty: Pablo Turletti 

Pablo has more than 25 years of international experience in Europe, the United States, Latin America and the Middle East. His management and analytical skills have led him to work for diverse multinational companies and organizations such as the Governments of Italy, Spain, and the European Union. He is a member of the Communication Council and a regular contributor of Forbes Magazine among others, as well as of various councils and boards that he combines with his international commitments as a speaker, professor and global consultant.


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"The training was awesome. Everyday I think of it... mainly when I have to discuss about some action we have to stop because it doesn't generate any ROI."

Philips Latam Marketing Manager


Learn how to calculate marketing ROI

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