Marketing to Save the World

impact innovation management models marketing to save the world (msw) sustainability May 19, 2021

Yes, marketing can save the world. How? check this video for a challenging view on a new marketing management model that can change the way we do projects and campaigns, and the world itself. 

Humanity has changed and although we may have not yet realized it, the opportunity for a global qualitative improvement is now more at our fingertips than ever.

Innovation and marketing must satisfy needs. These needs will always be functional and/or emotional. The question is, who decides which needs are met first and at what price? Governments and public organizations have tried to respond through a “social” or “state” prioritization, often with a diffuse or not very transparent sense of the common good (common for whom?). The rest of the needs of society are solved under the criterion of an income statement: what comes in must be greater than what goes out to be convenient and sustainable over time. Businesses must make money through the marketing they deploy, and consumers must get more perceived value from the price they pay for what they buy.

What is the only occasion in which we accept to "lose" in this income statement? When in some way we know that we are contributing to the common good or that of groups more in need than ours. How much are we willing to "lose"? The minimum. Hence, the true social and environmental needs are not fully satisfied today, neither with marketing, nor with innovation.

But this can change. It can improve if two types of fundamental changes are generated: the first within society, which should understand and accept that all genuine economic resources are generated by companies (of all sizes); that social and environmental needs can only be satisfied through behavioral changes (and that is up to everyone) and a change is necessary in the idea that a large part of society has about companies. Businesses are not ogres run by evil businessmen diabolically planning how to exploit the working class. Nor are they all speculators who do not care about environmental pollution at a higher cost. They are economic agents that generate money from wages and taxes. To generate surplus available resources, investors and entrepreneurs must contribute the initial money (capital) in exchange for an expected profit. Nonprofit companies cannot exist in the long term, in the same way that we cannot do without breathing.

It is necessary for society to assume its leadership role through the collective power of individual behavior, consuming products and services that are part of a project that goes beyond the economic benefits of companies, that generate a social and / or environmental impact. positive. To do this, they must also be willing to pay the price necessary for the company to generate profits and see and accept this situation as the most sustainable way to have long-lasting companies (and therefore jobs), while improving prosperity, equity social and environment
The second change must be generated in companies. While it is true that benefits are the air that companies breathe, this air (like that of people) must help the subject (person or company) to have and fulfill a purpose that goes beyond the benefits (or to breathe). Companies must continue to generate benefits, but must also acquire visions and missions that promote the generation of this social heritage and environmental improvement in a sustainable way over time.

Companies will not be able to earn money in the long term without people who manage them and buy their products or services, natural resources that generate their raw materials, or a physical world in which to set up their facilities. Without a world there are no people. Without people there are no companies. Without companies there are no economic resources that can recover the environment and generate social patrimony.

In the middle of all this scenario, there is marketing, the hinge that serves as a link between companies and society. The speaker that can communicate outward and inward. The lever that can activate both changes in the mentality of people and that of companies.

Marketing can save the world!

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