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Innovation is not only about technology. Technological innovation has increased dramatically companies' capabilities and efficieny in a way that has changed customers behavior and access to products, services, and information. Yet people is reluctant to change. Corporate culture can deprive organizations of the benefits technological advances are supposed to bring. Innovation is not only about technology but about management models as well. ROIMI will help you and your organization to thrive through change elevating companies' culture towards an impact-driven, results-oriented new standard.







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What is Change Management?

The way we are managing technological innovation and exponential growth today is not really the answer to the problems that harass the world. Through science and creativity, we continue to acquire skills and capabilities that were previously deemed impossible to humankind. Obviously, there is a need for a change that will build social equity and improve the environment. But how can we jump-start this change? What changes are needed? How do we make changes sustainable? How do we make them become part of our corporate culture? These and more are the questions ROI Marketing Institute will help you to answer as well as how to implement efficient change management.

What is Change Management

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A corporate change in its culture and way of doing things is pretty much like a crisis. It becomes an unstable moment between two stable situations. Planning, implementing, and sustaining change are all key aspects of success. After all, changing is not hard. Maintaining the change is the real challenge.

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What is the best change management consulting program?


ImpAct is a change management model that works trough a step-by-step approach that generates a cultural transformation that takes organizations beyond profits. Kick-off, destiny, strategy, plan, deployment, monitorization,visbility, and sustainability are the key elements of ImpAct. ImpAct is a program that acts from the roots of corporte culture, uses its mission and vision, and transforms it into action, transforming the organization from within, and making changes perdurable.

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Pablo Córdoba
Former Marketing Director Kellogg’s USA

“Thinking in marketing in terms of its direct and accountable contribution to the P&L of the business is not a common practice. Having a company like ROI Marketing Institute, that helps you do it and, furthermore, to achieve marketing accountability in cash, is really exceptional.”

Sebastien Tondeur

“A must-have in every marketers’ library, an easy read with sharp and actionable thinking.”

Rafael Solís
Communication & Stakeholders Director EDP Renewables

“ROI Marketing Institute and Pablo Turletti’s value driven management model is becoming a milestone for EDP Renewables not only to evaluate the actual return on investment, but also to generate an aligned, segmented, and organized relationship management with our stakeholders."

Bernardo De Vicente
Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Virgin Active

“A very interesting system to define, structure, and measure the return of marketing investments. A new and pragmatic vision about one of the fundamental aspects of marketing investments strategic planning."

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