Learn the Secret Path to Marketing ROI

Answering the nagging question "What is this project going to bring to the business?" represented a challenging task for most marketers for many years. But not anymore! This Masterclass  will help you to unravel this Gordian knot. 

In this ROI Marketing Masterclass you will learn: 

  • How to align marketing to the business
  • How to set up business objectives for your marketing plans
  • How to build a robust attribution model
  • How to define your monetary conversion criteria
  • How to report economic results





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Pablo Córdoba
Marketing Director at Kellogg’s


“Thinking in marketing in terms of its direct and accountable contribution to the P&L of the business is not a common practice. Having a company like ROI Marketing Institute, that helps you do it and, furthermore, to achieve marketing accountability in cash, is really exceptional.

Sebastien Tondeur
CEO at MCI Group


“A must-have in every marketers’ library, an easy read with sharp and actionable thinking.”


Rafael Solís
Comm. & Stakeholders Director at EDP Renewables


“ROI Marketing Institute and Pablo Turletti’s value driven management model is becoming a milestone for EDP Renewables not only to evaluate the actual return on investment, but also to generate an aligned, segmented, and organized relationship management with our stakeholders."

Bernardo De Vicente
Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Virgin Active


“A very interesting system to define, structure, and measure the return of marketing investments. A new and pragmatic vision about one of the fundamental aspects of marketing investments strategic planning."

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Case # 1 Events

To evaluate the actual economic return (ROI) of a series of 80 events at points of sales in different cities. Brand activation concept. Events assignment criterion and the marketing budget to be allotted.

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Case # 2 Fidelization

Setting the right goals was key in planning the economic evaluation of all these touchpoints. It was necessary to define proper business objectives in addition to the usual marketing performance indicators.

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Case # 3 Sponsorship

The challenge was to credibly show the real economic value (ROI) of sponsorship activation and branding showing its impact on the bottom line of potential and actual sponsors. Sponsorship pricing definition.

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I want to register for my ROI Marketing Masterclass

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