Marketing & Sales ROI.

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All the answers, cases and techniques you've been longing for to finally measure marketing ROI. Concrete answers, applicable knowledge, credible and viable model.

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Learn how to make sales and marketing initiatives accountable to the business bottom line. An important component of ongoing financial success for any organization is planning sales and marketing efforts so they have a positive impact on the business bottom line.

This book explains why sales and marketing accountability is so important, then details a framework for planning, measuring and evaluating projects. It takes readers step by step through the ROI Marketing Matrix, from the theory behind it to projecting return on marketing and sales investments, evaluating variables that can change that return, monitoring ongoing projects, and measuring the return of finished projects.

Finally, readers will learn how to turn data on current projects into valuable business intelligence for future planning and execution. The ROI Marketing Matrix is illustrated through real-world case studies of organizations around the world and in a variety of industries. This second edition contains an entirely new chapter that shows how to apply these principles to stakeholder management. It walks readers through a methodology for making the intangible accountable – translating stakeholder influence into bottom-line impact, and connecting investments in managing stakeholders to profit and loss. A manual that belongs within reach of every C-level executive, marketing manager, or salesperson, Marketing and Sales ROI is written for the savvy businessperson who looks ahead when designing, implementing, and monitoring a sales or marketing campaign. With this guide in hand, a company can maximize profits and minimize risks, not just for today, but for the life of the organization.

Author Pablo Turletti, CEO of ROI Marketing Institute, has more than twenty-five years of practice in international business and marketing. With marketing experience in several industries, he offers consulting services to multinational companies, public organizations, and non-profits around the world.

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