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Meet Pablo

Pablo Turletti is CEO & Founder of ROI Marketing Institute, a leading organization concerning management and marketing efficiency and profitability. Pablo spent his 25+ years of worldwide experience in several industries, servicing multinational companies, public, and not-for-profit organizations with unmatchable robust accountability using a systematic approach to make organizations more efficient and impactful at an economic, social, and environmental level. He is a contributor to Forbes Magazine and has shared the stage with Barack Obama, Ken Seagall, Ian Khan, Daniel Habif, and Aric Dromi among others. He's been a trending topic in marketing hashtag on Linkedin (19 million viewers), named Most Dynamic CEO by The CEO Magazine in 2020, one of the three finalists (among 2,500 projects) at the European Excellence Awards in 2017, and has been always rated as a top professor. Author of three books, several articles, and papers, he conducts workshops, gives inspiring conferences around the world, and lectures at several prestigious business schools in three languages. Pablo has served as consultant and director for the European Union & the Italian government in all LATAM markets, as VP of International at three marketing agencies in the USA, as president of a leading marketing agency in Spain & Germany, and as board and advisory at several organizations. Also, companies like Heineken, Philips, Danone, Schweppes, Nike, Chrysler, and others, have benefited from his marketing and management expertise in Europe, Latin America, and the US. Thanks to his contributions, client companies obtained and defined high economic returns on investments, generated new impactful management models, and were able to positively influence businesses, society, and the environment.

Pablo Turletti

“Thinking in marketing in terms of its direct and accountable contribution to the P&L of the business is not a common practice. Having somebody like Pablo, to help you do it and, furthermore, to achieve marketing accountability in cash, is really exceptional”

Pablo Córdoba
Former Marketing Director Adult Cereals, Kellogg’s USA


Pablo Turletti
Pablo Turletti Keynote Speaker
Pablo Turletti Keynote Speaker

“ROI Marketing Institute and Pablo Turletti’s value driven management model is becoming a milestone for EDP Renewables not only to evaluate the actual return on investment, but also to generate an aligned, segmented, and organized relationship management with our stakeholders.”

Rafael Solís
Communication and Stakeholders Director EDP Renewables Global


Pablo Turletti Keynote Speaker

“The training was awesome, everyday I think of it, when I’m planning something and mainly when I have to discuss with people regarding some action we have to stop doing because it doesn’t generate any ROI. I’ve read your book twice; it was my bible during the process of marketing planning…”

Delmina Ferrari
Philips BCD and Marketing Leader LATAM



Efficiency and Accountability


Conferences and Workshops

Marketing to Save the World


Conferences and Workshops

How many times have we heard conferences or read articles that included the acronym ROI in their title but came short to mention it as part of their content? Unfortunately, most companies neglect or postpone any efforts to measure it in a credible way…until it is too late. Using a blend of history, humor, and real-world recent examples, Pablo will inspire audiences to think using new management models to achieve real economic accountability, as well as social and environmental impact. The speech will outline academic studies and global cases that support the need of a new mindset and how to activate it. It will define the guidelines to sketch the path towards purposeful accountable management models that can guarantee and credibly measure economic profitability while generating social equity and environmental sustainability. This talk will enlighten the audience to reflect and manage with a different perspective of what efficiency and accountability is. Being an expert in these issues, Pablo will deliver actionable concepts that will represent the biggest takeaway from this conference. He will show, through real cases examples, how to credible measure the real economic impact (ROI) of projects and campaigns, along with the key concepts that can enable this process swiftly and efficiently within any organization.


As the world embraces technological innovation at an accelerating pace, the portion of humankind benefiting from it is very small. Blockchain, AI, IoT, are names we are getting more use to and begin to understand more in depth. But what is their real impact…? If we are becoming so powerful as a kind, why are we failing to distribute the benefits of that power equally while taking care of our planet? In order to improve the planet and have a whole society benefiting from technological innovation, we need resources, economic resources, money. The only sustainable sources of money are companies and the connection between the corporate world and the society is marketing. Marketing should become the leading spearhead that drives internal change at corporations generating awareness around the fact that making money is not enough. It should generate campaigns and projects that, while profitable to the business, should also have a real, measurable, positive impact on society and on the environment. On the other side, marketing shall also become a leverage to help society understand that making money while helping others or the environment, is not bad. In fact,  it is the only way to make a real sustainable progress towards a healthier environment and a prosper society. Through real cases Pablo will demonstrate how doing good and making money should never appear as two incompatible things, by contrary, they should necessarily be convergent. He will also provide the first key steps for marketing departments to become the driver of this big game changer.

Innovation Management


Conferences and Workshops

Stakeholders Management


Conferences and Workshops

We are all well aware of what digital transformation, artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, and many other “techy” phrases mean. Every time we talk about innovation, the first thing that comes to our minds is “technology”. But what if I told you that all this technological innovation is the equivalent of bringing mirrors to the XVI century indigenous in the Amazonas? Technological innovation is something we came accustomed to, not because we are “techies” but because the speed at which it happens made changes quotidian for most of us. This talk takes a daring approach at the way we plan and manage innovation by challengingly stating that technological innovation as such, does not exist anymore. Or at least, it is something we should not focus on as it will happen by default driven by the economy. Companies need to make new products, services, distribution and communication channels a standard ongoing mantra to stay ahead in the market. Where companies really need to focus is in two things: purpose and management models. This is where most organizations are lagging behind. Using a blend of history, humor, and real-world recent examples, Pablo will explore why and how companies need to not only change the way they do things but most importantly, give them a purpose and use new management models to achieve it profitably. The speech will define the guidelines to sketch the path towards a purposeful management models. Above all, this talk will enlighten the audience to reflect and manage in a different way.

Brand awareness, reputation, and marketing intangibles in general, are not the only soft variables that generate real economic value for an organization. Sustainability programs, training, and stakeholder management do also create value for the business that needs to be measured. The way stakeholders behave, impact and are impacted by the organization is paramount for mutual value generation and companies’ success. Generating value for stakeholders is intrinsically difficult as different groups have different definitions for value. Value generation for the company starts with profitability. What is the right amount to invest in stakeholders’ management? How can we define what is value to each one of them? How can we measure the economic impact of stakeholders’ management in the organization? This talk takes a daring approach at the way we plan and manage stakeholders. Using a blend of history, humor, and real-world recent examples, Pablo will explore why and how companies need to not only change the way they interact with stakeholders, but most importantly, give them a purpose and value using management to achieve it profitably. The speech will define the guidelines to sketch the path towards a management model that can guarantee economic profitability while generating value for both, organization and stakeholders. Above all, this talk will enlighten the audience to reflect and manage in a different way that will make organizations more successful in their relations with society.

What Pablo Can do for you?

There are many ways you and your organization can benefit from Pablo’s experience and knowledge. Whether you work at a corporation, at an NGO, government office, or no-for-profit, at a certain point you will have to face some budget issues. As budgets condition the use of resources, they are directly linked to your capacity to deliver, to be productive. Through efficient and accountable management, you will be able not only to increase your productivity, but also your impact on the bottom line of your organization, on the society and on the environment. The management of today (and of course the one for the future) is, and will be driven by constant change and sustainability in three dimensions: economic, social, and environmental. Thanks to Pablo’s capability to transmit knowledge and secure the generation of operational capabilities, companies like Heineken, Philips, Fiat-Chrysler, Danone, Sanofi, Schneider Electric and many more are still benefiting from a management model that defines and shows the real impact of projects and campaigns on all those three dimensions. His model is in use in more than 20 countries and several business schools across the world have embraced it as part of their content for executive education and in-company training. Having published several books, Pablo can help you and your organization through:






Pablo Turletti

Speaking: Conferences and Master Classes

Enlightening deliveries that will inspire participants through reflection and ideas. Pablo’s interventions will always include three key elements: entertainment, actionable concepts that can be used the day after, and the guarantee that the audience will experience at least one of the concepts that are being shown through some sort of interaction, trick or humor.


Workshops and Certifications Courses

Short seminars, 1 or 2 day workshops and professional and corporate certification courses are the tools Pablo uses to secure the acquisition of knowledge that, if properly used, will help you and your organization to measure in real and credible terms, the actual impact of your projects and campaigns.


ROI Camps and CEO/CMO Retreats

ROI Camps are hands-on experiences that will help staffs and individuals to learn by doing in an active, some times outdoor environment, how efficiency and accountability could be driven within their organizations. CEO/CMO retreats, are by invitation only 1 and 2 days events that will increase participants network and sharing of experiences on a peer-to-peer level, reflecting and learning approaches and how to improve them.



Ideas without implementation could be categorized as dreams. They could be as good as you can imagine, but certainly fruitless. Knowing how to measure the real impacts of your projects and campaigns does not mean that you will actually generate any impact. Implementation and securing processes and procedures that can make this management model an operational standard is the best way not only to know how to do it, but to actually make it happen. 

Pablo on Stage

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Pablo Turletti Keynote Speaker
Pablo Turletti Keynote Speaker
Pablo Turletti Keynote Speaker
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Pablo Turletti
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